A successful day is one in which you laugh and feel the worth or happiness all around you. Today was a successful day.
Today I enjoyed the finishing of ceramics, accompanying a friend in the dark room for photo, eating roman noodles out of a mug, making jokes with friends on the bus, painting a thanksgiving pilgrim turkey on a dining room wall, some dark chocolate with almonds, and going for a relaxing hot tub. The experiences and friendships I have built here are ones I am never going to forget. Ever. I am just so thankful for this experience and the amazimg family I was able to stay with. They welcomed me with warm arms and loving hearts and I am forever greatful. And can I just say how nice it is to actually have mug, bowls, and real plates at school to use. Its great. Heating up soup is no problem, and no worrying about cutting through your plate when eating meat. Well anyway, onto something else now, I am thrilled to see what tomorrows sports awards bring. I have heard about everything that goes on with the funny coaches presents and eager to see how it all goes down here. The week before I came to Charlemont we had our sport awards at my school. I will update how everything went tomorrow. Until then, let the moon shine bright, and the stars illuminate the night.