I had a quite relaxing day here in Massachusets. In the morning I went to the ceramic art studio to work on a project. I worked all morning with my host mom and around 1:00 we left and went to a local craft show at the local elementary school. There were around 14 booths, and all of the money was to help out the community family center. I just had to purchase something, and I thought that my youngest sister would just love it. It is the most adorable headband that is a wool felt like material and it is cranberry red with flowers all over it. After that I just headed home to work on school work. I was fortunate enough to bake a key lime pie with Lilah, and we also made dinner and then mint meringues with the left over egg whites from the pie. Tonight was a fundraising event as well for the school I am attending. They call it the cornucopia auction. Teams of students work together to fill a basket that they have picked a theme for. The baskets are then auctioned off to parents along with some student artwork. My host family got one of the baskets and it is just full of so many yummy looking goodies. Tonight I was also introduced to the family loved television show: Psych. It is a really good show, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoy how the main character pretends to be a big psychic when all he does is takes all of the things he observes and is able to examine them in his brain and remeber every bit of his surroundings. When asked, he can pick parts of the surroundings out and he uses his observations to solve crimes. Tomorrow we should be going for a hike through the forest and I am most excited to stroll through the forest with no clock to have to run by. I cannot wait to hike around in the cool air.