I have concluded my second day at Charlemont, and it was a good one. Today I had two hour long art classes, one retrospective drawing and the other advanced ceramics. I particularly enjoyed the ceramics class, and am excited for Thursday to take jewlery making and rug braiding. I hope to finish a small sculptural pitcher by the time I am done with my stay here and hoping to get it raku fired. Other than art classes I had history and geometry, which both proved to not be too difficult. For the Fall Exhibition I will be making a poster about me and where I come from in Ohio. I am hoping all of that goes over well. I have enjoyed all of the scenery so far, and my host moms cooking is quite good.  I think we are planning on bowling Thursday with a group of friends so that should be exciting. Back to another night of cold and frost to wake up to. It's nice that my hos family and I have a similar taste and television shows we enjoy and have a similar sense of humor. I wish I could bring home some of the people here because they are just so funny and full life. Well can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!