I was unable to post this yesterday because the Internet was down when I was trying to post it, and it decided it was just not going to work. So here goes my blog post from the day before: my day today was just beautiful. Karina's father made pancakes and sausage for breakfast after he asked me what I do on Sundays and my response was: "We eat pancakes and sausage while watching The Sunday Morning Show".  I went to the ceramic studio after breakfast to finish up a project so it could get in the kiln and be done before I leave. The project is a surprise for my family, so I don't want to give it away because I know at some point they will read this. After I finished up in the studio I went for a hike with my host parents and the dog Oliver. We walked down the mountain their house a ways, and then went into the forest on a path that at first past hundreds of trees that had taps on them for maple syrup. Once past the tapped trees we suddenly came to a gorgeous tall waterfall that had smaller waterfalls made up inside of it. I had to just stop and stare for a few moments because it was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen. You always see the waterfall screen savers, or the pictures on google images, but I was actually by one of those picture perfect waterfalls! As you walk up along the falls, I followed a stream with moss covered rocks, and miniature waterfalls dotted here and there. Once through the path in the forest, we were dropped out onto bright green field. Again stunned by beauty, I stopped to take in all of the fresh air, sun light, and flowing of the greenest grass I had seen. Today was one of those days where you can try to describe the experience to others, but it will never match exactly all of the feelings and sensations you had at that moment. Pictures can only capture so much, but memories have to make up the parts missing