I woke this Sunday morning to fog so thick I couldn't even see across the street. I was able to go to the grocery store today, and a cute general store, along with finishing up my exhibition project and beading a bracelet. I am going to be making dinner for my host family one night so I had to get some supplies from the grocery store and we just somehow happened to have to get cinnamon raisin bread on our way home from the general store. I don't have a clue why we would ever get something so deliciously scrumptious, but I guess I won't complain (it is pretty darn tasty). I also was able to completly finish up the glazing I needed to get done on my project tonight so the pieces should be all good to go by Tuesday! I am really happy with what I was able to accomplish with Christy's help. I love how our dinner completly complimented the weather outside; we had a beef roast, cooked carrots and mashed potatoes. You place all three of these things on your plate at once and you instantly have a cozy meal. It is those kinds of really good, flavorful meals that make you feel all cozy with the sad weather outside, it's a beautiful balance. I am excited for exhibition tomorrow, and I just hope that people are interested in Ohio and what I have to say. I am not nervous at all for this (although I am sure I might be by tomorrow), but I just want to make sure I do not lull people to sleep. Off to my last week at Charlemont. I don't really want to leave this place, and all of the friendships I have started with people. I guess I will just have to make this the best week ever.