My final day. I have reached the last full day of my stay in Massachusetts. I made an announcement in the morning thanking everyone for making me feel welcomed, and I got the response that I am welcomed to come back at anytime. I took an awful chemistry quiz in the morning, during my free period glazed a pottery piece, then talked in photo class, and proceeded onto lunch with roman noodles. After lunch I watched english presentations, watched The Little Mermaid in Spanish class, and just before the class ended a bell rang and the teacher told us to go to the recital hall. We were surprised to find that a teacher at The Academy who just released an album, was set up with his band to play a performance for us for our last period of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and it helped pull a close to my time at Charlemont. Once school ended I was swarmed by hugs and goodbyes. Why does time have to go by so fast? I came home off the bus with Karina and two of our friends were already at the house, they arrived before we did. As a result Karina and I left the two boys there and went on an hour long hike. For the rest of the night I was able to eat good food, hang out with the friends I made, watch movies, and say some of my final goodbyes. It was a pleasant way for a send off. Well. I guess it is just about my time to go. I am truly going to miss this place. I am just going to have to revisit it in my dreams until I can come back. Goodbye Charlemont, goodbye rolling hills and mountains, goodbye friends, and goodbye to my most amazing host family.