My last studio block day. And what a day it was! My day started out in getting to skip a Spanish test so I could do photo and while in photo, Karina and I were serenaded  by Ramsy's lovely voice and guitar. After photo came my double jewlery making block, where I was able to finish up the projects I started and say my fair well to the class that MV really needs. Next up was lunch where we crammed enough people to fill up 3 tables into a single table as a goodbye lunch. Once lunch ended I went to geometry (my favorite class ever) and had an awesome time learning. After geometry, I had a hot chocolate date with Leah. We just sat in the lunch room together sipping hot cocoa while talking, it was quite a relaxing free period. To end the day I had a fun history class because my history teacher  at The Academy is so entertaining to listen to and talk with. As soon as I was home Krina and I got moeny then headed to The Creamery for dinner which was delicious because they have some of the best stuff I have tasted. Dinner led into the drive to the Shakespearean Festival!! We watched two plays, The Tempist and Much Ado About Nothing. I have never in my entire life, been to a play where the crowd was so animated, lively, and into every single line the actors/actresses had to say. I left the plays feeling refreshed, alive from the laughter, and so thankful for the whole experience. Tomorrow is officially my last full day in Massachusetts. My last day to relish in the beauty of nature, last day to make jokes with friends at school, and my last day the have a girl dance party with Karina. I miss my family at home, but I am also going to miss my family here. One of the teachers was trying to talk me into staying saying: "People would love to have you stay with them, we could work everything out. The Academy just wants you to stay, you brought such a bright light!". Everything good always has to come to an end at some point I guess. I have almost reached my end I suppose.