So I forgot to write yesterday's blog post because I got home so late from having fun throwing the birthday party for Noah. Once all of my classes for the day had finished, I rode the bus home and a friend accompanied me. We made an elaborate card with Karina, baked cookies, and got all of Noah's presents together. Once we finished laughing and having a good time we Recieved the call that Ezra was leaving with Noah from the community supper and it was time we headed to their house for the big surprise. Noah just thought that he was going to spend the night with his two guy friends and so when he walked in the door we gave him a scare. We ate pizza, opened our funny presents, watched Talladega Nights, all grabbed a spoon and devoured two tubs of ice cream, and ate some wonderful cake. I do not think I have ever laughed so much at a birthday party in my entire life. When you put all of us in this little group we have together, we create a ludicrous amount of energy that only burns out by the sounds of laughter that escapes between our teeth. I did not get home until about 12:15 and at that point I was exhausted and just went to bed with Henriete who Stayed over. Both her and I fell asleep almost instantly after we talked for a minute. Now onto today; I had a great day today. I went with a group of international students on a trip to two museums. In my opinion we should have just spent all of our time at the first museum because of how amazing it was, and just that we were not able to see even half of the exhibits that they had open. The first museum was named Mass MoCa and is was a contemporary art museum that was inside a preserved old electric factory. The atmosphere was so appealing between to the old chipped paint, and the modern feel of the white walls. That museum is the nations largest contemporary art museum and was by far the most amazing art museum I have been able to go into. I wouldn't have minded if they just left me there for the whole day....or the whole weekend, that would work as well. The Sol LeWitt pieces were just extravagant, and I enjoyed the Tom Philips book page pieces just for the fact that I actually created a piece that I based off one of his works. The space that they have there is perfect for all of the contemporary art pieces, and I especially enjoy the contemporary art because many of the pieces, artist created specifically to fill in the great space that the museum has. Once we finishe in the contemporary art museum we went to a place called Public for lunch, and the food was just create and I loved how fresh the atmosphere was in that restaurant. After lunch was done we traveled to the Williams College art museum, and that museum was fairly neat. I found it interesting how that museum also included a Sol LeWitt piece. I am so pleased that I was able to have that experience. The museums have started my weekend off great so far, I guess I am going to have to make tomorrow just as amazing.