So I officially had my first day today, and it was good. The school is small, and all of the people are nice. I attended english, geometry, and chemistry classes; and cannot wait to have two hours of arts classes tomorrow. My host family's mom is also a great cook, we had chicken and tortellinis for lunch at school that she made. After school we took the bus home and I absolutly love the drives. You drive around curvy mountains and all of the leaves on the tree are turned to their autumn color with a few ice sickles hanging off the rocks. Once we prepared homemade cookies and had homemade pizzas for dinner. We also had a couple of friends from school come over. We went in the hot tub and ate dinner. For desert we had this apple pizza was so different from anything I've had and it was great! I am really excited for school tomorrow so that I can meet some more new people. The family I am staying with has a dog and a cat and the dog is so rambunctious that he licks you everywhere everytime you come in, but I don't mind I rather like him quite a bit.   Their house is close to the top of a mountain and has a great view with many tree surrounding. The town they live in, Cummington, is comprised of 900 people. I can't wait for another exciting day!