Three days till my return. Three days full of laughter and sadness. While today was my last wednesday, I enjoyed doing a chemistry experiment, eating an amazing lunch, talking with friends I am just getting really close to now, watching the sports awards, laughing about the seat choice of a person on the bus, making dinner, writing a newspaper article, painting the rest of our thanksgiving message in the dining room, saying a goodbye to my host mom, and to end it all: going for a hot tub. The sports awards at the end of the school day were great, capturing all of the wonderful moments during the season, and Karina even won an award! I knew all along she was gong to get it, no doubt about it. I was really happy when I made dinner and they enjoyed it! There were no leftovers left over for lunch tomorrow. On the bus this person has decided to sit next to me for three days in a row and it is quite comical. Everyday before he gets in I look at my friend and bet they he'll sit next to me. So when Karina got in the bus and saw who was sitting next to me she couldn't help but almost pee her pants because she was laughing so hard. And a hot tub is always a wonderful way to end a day, isn't it? I have no clue what I am going to do when I go home because my day will not feel complete without it. Tomorrow should be fun with our lunch party, I am even going to wear my nice dress tomorrow to school because Karina and I decided it was suiting. It is hard to believe all of the time I have been here has already gone by. I am going to miss acting rediculious, the bus rides to and from school, the cold mornings, the friendly faces, talking with my host parents, my creative studio blocks,  helping people with homework, hot tubbing, and the close knit group of friends I was fortunate enough to form.