Thrilling thursday. Today was exceptionally great. I was able to complete many projects in jewlery making, print two black and white photos, finish up my ceramics piece, and take a geometry test which was enjoyable (I have no clue why but I love that subject). Karena unfortunately wasn't feel much better, so went home at lunch with her mom. Once school ended Lilah and I took the bus to North Hampton and we did accomplished quite a bit of shopping (got some people on my Christmas list), and then to top it all of went, to a Japanese sushi place for dinner. We did some shopping for a friends birthday tomorrow, and just went into any shop we thought looked appealing. Once all of the shopping and dinner was done we set on our way to the hockey game. We just had to stop on our way at Trader Joe's for dark chocolate covered almonds for during the game, once that mission was complete we reached our destination. The game was thrilling, exciting, joyful, sorrowful at times, but most of all just a fun dance party full of screaming and booing. The score became tied at 2-2 and the intensity was rising, just when we became excited, the refs decided to take a look of what happened. In the end, they took our goal away. One lesson: do not ever take a goal away from a rowdy, boisterous  team. Ever. The boos echoed throughout the rink, and even with one period left the Universoty of Massachusets was unable to make up for the goal that was unfairly taken away from them, leaving the score at 2-1 with UMass on the lower end. While we lost the game it was an event to remember and the fun dancing, yelling, booing, cheering party was one I will not forget. Friday marks the turning of a boys' 18 birthday, that means time for celebration through card games, pizza and the universal birthday dessert: cake. Onto another glorious day.