Today has officially been renamed to No Waste Wednesday at the Acadmey because today was recycling day. Recycling day is a boring name so No Waste Wednesday became the new option. For a Wednesday quite a lot happened today. I took a chemistry test, took part in a discussion in history, and read poetry by John Keats in english. At the end of it all though we had all-school meeting, where we had a veteran speaker come in and talk to us. The speaker had been a doctor to all of the wounded soldiers and citizens of his surrounding base area. He discussed his training, what it was like to be under the stress of having peoples lives in your hands while also barley sleeping every other day. In all it helped me to appreciate American veterans even more than I already do. Once the school day was done came the bus ride home. My bus ride contained the important planning of a friends 18th birthday party. We know it will involve pizza eating, beautiful cake eating, the game of life, movies of different sorts, but we are still trying to figure out the logistics and whether we want a surprise party with a possibly kidnapping (more like a blind folding) to get him there. Once off the bus and home, we had some amazing chicken, potato, dumpling soup and then headed for the hot tub. The very best way to end the night. Now for fantastic thursday!