Today my day at Charlemont was quite fun. I had jewlery making art class, and rug braiding. I just started a rug in rug braiding, but in jewlery making I made a gold ring, and a silver and gold bracelet. Jewlery making was quite exciting because I learned so much, and it really got me interested in it with all of the metal working and hands on techniques. Once school had finished we went with a bunch of friends candle pin bowling, which I had never done before, but proved that even begininners can beat the professionals sometimes. After bowling we walked down the cute downtown area and across a little bridge to a pizza place where we had dinner. Once dinner concluded we all went back to Karinas for a nice hot tub. Karinas sister was so cute! She gave me a pair of earrings that she had made in the jewlery making class. I really like how at Charlemont the students can express themselves through so many different activities. The amount of music that goes on at that school is remarkable. I was able to observe a band today practice and the amount of talent at that school exceeds all of my expectations I had. I also enjoy how much the students are involved in the school. Every group of students has a chore to do at the end of the day, and when they have morning meeting every morning a student from a class always shares a thought for the day, which can include quotes or some piece of inspiration they made up. The school is for sure a judge-free zone. You could walk down the hallway looking like completly finagled and someone would still say hi to you and start a conversation up. I am glad I have had so many fun opportunities.