Today was my last monday I will experience at Charlemont. It was a much anticipated day with Fall Exhibition. Everyone else in my grade was doing a presentation on a writer or artist from the Romanticism period and I did mine on Ohio. I got compliments on my artsy board  and everything I knew, I felt overall extremely happy with the experience. I enjoyed sharing with people where I came from, and I just tend to enjoy talking with adults and learning from them as well. For dinner we stayed at the school and a group that is traveling to Costa Rica later this year put on the dinner as a fund raiser. They served Costa Rican food with rice, beans, salad, avocados for tortilla chips, and salsa and sour cream. They had a whole dessert table that was covered with everything from apple cake to vegan chocolate orange cupcakes. Once I was well fed, I set up for my presentation in a classroom. I presented to people from 6:45-7:45. As soon as my shift was done, I checked out some of the seniors presentation proposals for their senior projects until it was time for me to pack it all up and head home. Today was quite exciting with the presenting and everything that came along with it. Before it was time for dinner I was photographed by people with black and white cameras because they have a photography class here, and I am hoping to maybe print one of the picture sometime this week. Printing has become my favorite thing, while I have only done it twice, I have decided that my school now needs a dark room and a photography studio. The whole process teaches you patience, and to appreciate just being still and calm. I cannot wait to finish up my school ceramic piece tomorrow.