Today was quite a lovely day. The majority of my day was just relaxing. I got to visit the local grocery store/restaurant named the Creamery. After that I was able to vist the local small  hardware supply store. The town I am in is so small, the owner of the supply store addressed Karina by her first name. I find it just so comforting to be in a nice town where you pretty much know everyone around. I was also able to visit Karina's mom's ceramics studio. They have a beautiful space, and I just fell in love with everything she had inside. I will hopefully be going back tomorrow to work on some pieces. But now something even more exciting that I was fortunate enough to wake up to this morning: snow! There were snow flurries about all day long, and I just love snow! The snow made my entire day. I also got to talk to everyone in my family today which was nice, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. Karina and I made dinner for the family tonight. We made flank steak and baked french fries. We received raving reviews. I will hopefully also be baking tomorrow with Karina's younger sister. She loves to bake and so do I so that works out perfectly. It is hard to believe that in two days I will have officially been here for one week. The time needs to slow down, either that or I just need to stop having so much fun. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun.