Tuesday! I woke up this morning to almost 2 cm. of snow, and it made my whole day! Today was really quite fun and it just flew by. I have no clue where the time escaped too at all. It is a disappointing day though when someone says they will give you a cookie, and then forgets to give it to you. I worked in my ceramics studio block for two hours on one project I need to get finished up by the end of this week so it can be fired and ready to go by the time I leave. I also took a history quiz today, and talked to a person whose family all went to a school in ohio which happens to be one of our school rivals. It's funny how small of a world it can be sometimes. I met and learned some new peoples faces while also getting someone interested in networking to my school in Ohio. Once school was over and I had arrived at home, I finished homework and them Karina and I kind if went crazy. We had a girl dance party. The dancing was wild, the music some of the best, and we couldn't stop laughing. Once our insane two person party ended we had crepes for dinner which proved to be delicious. And to end the night we watched one of the funnies How I Met Your Mother episodes. On to wonderful wednesday!