While Monday is usually the most hated day of the week for most, I don't seem to mind it too much. For some reason I enjoy getting up early, feeling refreshed from the nights rest, and then standing in the cool air watching my breathe curl out into the air. I don't mind standing in the cold because there is always something different to look at, while some may think that the tree across the street is just the same, boring tree you have to look closer, and observe the small changes. Many people were not at school today, including Karina. There was a run this morning that benefitted people with eating disorders call the Run for Tara, and so many people showed up at school in the middle of the day. Karina, on the other hand, hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. Today was quite a normal day, but two guys were showing me some interesting card tricks during lunch and morning meeting, that were actually surprisingly well represented. I was able to complete my chemistry test needed by my chemistry teacher back at home today, and that picked up a weight off of me. I am excited for Thursday when we go shopping and see the hockey game at UMass. I am glad I have been able to work with clay while I have been here because it is something that I find fun, while being stress relieving . I love studio block days because when you walk down the hall all you hear is beautiful music. I almost forgot! They made a big announcement today at the Academy that an Alumni donated a foosball table, we will be able to us it shortly, and they plan on having a tournament at some point that is currently being worked out. I hope I am around long enough so I can watch the beginnings of it. Well now onto one of the best days: Tuesday. Let the creativity begin!